MENS ¥3,500/1D
WOMEN ¥1,000/1D
※ Please acknowledge that it may be changed by the events.
※ We will check your identity card at the entrance. Please bring ID with face photo issued by each country.
※ There is a dress code at entrance, please note that.
(Jerseys, Setup clothes, Overalls, Working clothes, Beach sandals, Rubber slippers, etc are NG.)
※ Bringing foods and drinks in the floor is prohibited.
※ Tattoos, Exposed tattoos, Men's tank-top clothes are prohibited.
A large entertainment building was born in front of Machida station on June 9, 2017!!
Inside the club is luxury with jellyfish motif, the maximum capacity 1000 people, and all sound equipment, lighting is the latest equipment!!

Various guest DJs, artists, dancers boost the club!!

It’s an entertainment building that you are using for various events, special projects, charter shooting etc, regardless of day and night.

【Open】22:00 – 5:00

【Regular fee】MEN ¥3,500/1D WOMEN ¥1,000/1D
Show TOKYO CLUB GUIDE coupon image,
MEN ¥2,500/1D WOMEN ¥1,000/2D for entrance fee!


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